Employment and Labor Law

Under state and federal law, employers may not discriminate against an employee based on race, sex, age, religion, or national origin, and they must provide a work environment reasonably free of harassment. Protections are also available based on a disability or pregnancy, as well as other grounds depending on the jurisdiction. Federal law guarantees unpaid leave for medical reasons for some employees. Employers may not retaliate against an employee for asserting their rights under any of these laws, or for reporting suspected violations. Employees may be able to recover damages from employers who violate these laws. Witness testimony is critical in proving a claim for damages in employment law. We will investigate claims of unlawful employment practices and strive to help you recover the damages you are due.

Federal law protects the rights of workers to organize and collectively negotiate with employers. Interference with attempts to organize, or retaliation against employees who participate in union-related activities, may result in the employer’s civil liability to its employees. We represent workers in claims for unlawful labor practices before the National Labor Relations Board, and we assist union members in arbitration for grievances and other claims.